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The National Sustainable Procurement Roundtable (NSPR) is a nation-wide movement to promote sustainable procurement, with the objective of building an innovative and sustainable supply chain that efficiently meets sustainability objectives.

The NSPR was announced on 11 July 2019 in Singapore at an annual procurement profession conference, with founding members DBS, Mandai Park Holdings, Singtel and StarHub. Our current members are:

The NSPR work together to progress sustainable procurement through


National initiatives on process or specific industries or spend categories


Working group meetings and events


Member’s own projects that provide examples for validation


Membership is free. Join the movement to show leadership as well as get insights and efficiencies.

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  • Opportunity to lead and drive sustainable impact beyond own company
  • Develop subject matter expertise and build reputation
  • Relationship gained through supplier development

  • Access to useful standards, analysis and research that can be applied in the local context
  • Join a network of professionals and subject matter experts

  • Reduce the time required to source for sustainable products and services
  • Shared validation or certification for supplier assurance
  • Gain economy of scale in terms of volume and eventually buying at a lower price also

NSPR members follow these rules of engagement to work with one another

News & Events

Latest NSPR news and announcements


The NSPR publications are corporate publications to guide organisations to be more sustainable in their procurement. This is made possible through the passion and efforts of local practitioners that are already more advanced in their sustainable procurement journey. The publications below are available to non-NSPR members upon request.

Circular Procurement Playbook
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Circular Procurement Playbook

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